The Causes And Effects Of Hoarding

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A clean home is something that should come easy for anyone. Most people would consider anyone with a dirty and cluttered home to be lazy or filthy, but many are unaware of the psychological disorder Hoarding, which affects about 5% of the population, both men and women (Neziroglu, n.d.). Hoarding is the act of one having difficulties separating from their belongings. Although many confuse hoarding with collecting, there is a significant difference from the two. Those who collect, gather a specific product as a hobby or a profession, but those with a Hoarding disorder keep items without a notable worth and it accumulates in areas that were previously used for living. It is believed that hoarding is caused by a deficiency with a person’s information processing or led by a cognitive disorder, or a disturbing emotional shock (“The Hoarding Project”, 2016…show more content…
Some notable symptoms of a hoarder may include excessive anxiety, inability to organize, inability to decide what to keep, accusing others of taking their belongings, health hazards, financial problems, loss of space to live in and obsession of purchasing items for the future. Severe hoarding not only affects the person hoarding, but it also affects those surrounding them. It causes strong feelings of displeasure towards loved ones with a hoarding disorder, shame, and has shown to affect social development of children that are raised in that type of environment (Neziroglu, n.d.). Hoarding does not discriminate on age or sex, but it is proven to affect women more than men. The only known treatments for hoarding is psychotherapy, or therapy talk that helps one develop better decision making and problem- solving skills. Although this may sound demeaning it is a reality that

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