The Causes And Effects Of HIV And AIDS In The World

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a dangerous, deadly disease among the human race. HIV is when the bacteria goes into the lymphocytes, and make the body believe the cell is a germ. Soon after, the immune system will begin to attack itself and will get weaker each time. HIV has infected thousands and thousands of people in the world, from Asia to Europe, to the United States. Millions are infected and this can last for a life time. There is no cure and is contagious. HIV can be transmitted through sex, blood, oral sex, sperm, vagina fluids, also from the milk of the breast. HIV and AIDS can be also transmitted through needles, like a tattoo needle or a needle to inject drugs. Women that have HIV can pass it on to their offspring in the womb, because it is in the blood flow which goes through into the offspring.
Many people that are infected with HIV do not know. HIV symptoms don't show up until ten years. HIV is a sexual transmitted disease which attacks the lymphocytes of the immune system. Lymphocytes help defend the body from infections. As the HIV attacks the lymphocytes, the immune system will decrease in strength. When people have a weaker immune system, they will eventually get more infections that can be more harmful and deadly. There is no ultimate cure for HIV, but medicines, provided by doctors, can slow down the process. HIV later becomes AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
CDC estimated 1,144,500 people, thirteen and older, live with HIV and 180,900 do not know they have HIV (U.S. Statistics). HIV can lead to AIDS. About 636,000, in America, lived with AIDS, in 2011. AIDS may as well be a death sentence. With AIDS, the body is more likely to get more infections. In 2010, 11,200 white people, 10,600 black o...

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...he will lose privileges of being a normal teenage girl and will give her child HIV which isn’t fair to the offspring. Another risk is, getting any STDs. For example, HIV and AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, herpes, HSV2, genital warts, and hepatitis A, B,C,D. Some can be cured, and others can’t. Bacterial STDs can be cured, but it will always remain in the body as well as viral. Just because a person gets it once, doesn’t mean they’ll never get it again. Others may look at you differently because you are infected with HIV or AIDS. Everyone will be try to stay away. It’s not worth losing people in life because you decided to have sex and you ended up with a lifelong disease. When being infected HIV and AIDS, will change one’s life forever. Abstinence may be “uncool” too many teens, but abstinence is very important because it can save one from suffering in life.

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