The Causes And Consequences Of Sexual Violence In Society

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While sexual violence is the underlying issue that results in rape, there is no single concrete definition stating what it is exactly. This might be because of widespread societal disagreements on the different levels of what we consider sexual violence and it may vary from one society to another or may change over historical periods of time. What might not have been considered as sexual violence in earlier years might be today. Therefore, the issue will be examined in greater depth where multiple definitions will be revealed. The causes and consequences of sexual violence will be discussed as well as what can be done to prevent it and how society should deal with individual’s who engage in such deviant crimes. Let’s begin with a generally…show more content…
It affects victims psychologically and behaviourally as well as the general public’s health. The idea of sexual violence roaming through the ears of society “is a principle cause of anxiety, fear, injury, and sometimes even death for women, especially for direct victims” (pp. 209). The psychological impacts sexual violence might have on some are; “feeling vulnerable, unloved, powerless; hard time separating sexual behavior from affectionate behavior; trouble trusting others; mental health problems” (Stewart et al., 1996, pp. 131). The behavioral impacts it can have on those subjected to sexual violence and the victims themselves are; “unprotected sex or inability to use contraceptives; early sexual initiation; sex with multiple partners; unwanted pregnancies; increased risk of infections such as STDs/HIV” (pp. 131) There are new regulations to prevent sexual violence from occurring such as colleges and university campuses providing “campus-free of threats and sexual assaults” (Curra, 1996, pp. 227). Sexual violence can be prevented in areas like public spaces and transport terminuses by applying environmental changes like “cutting the grass regularly, and providing better lighting or avoiding the creation of ‘dead’ corners” to promote security (Vettan, 1997, pp.
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