The Causes And Cons Of Texting And Driving

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In America, one of the biggest issues with today’s drivers is texting and driving. Half of the individuals included are barely old enough to drive. There have been far too many fatalities from distracted drivers. Individuals everywhere don’t see anything wrong with it, but they’re terribly mistaken. One in four car accidents are the result of texting and driving. Plenty of attempts have been made to try and find an end to it, but many of those attempts have failed. What can be done in order to stop texting while driving? Messages through ads and special speakers will only go so far. Many states have already created laws, but they often cause people to hide their phones while driving which could potentially make it more dangerous. Much research…show more content…
Even though texting while driving is illegal in 46 states, it’s still being done. Texting while driving is actually six times more likely to cause an accident than drinking while driving. It makes an accident up to twenty-three times more likely to happen. Those who text and drive spend nearly 10% of their time driving outside of the lines. The scary thing is that 77% of young adults are either a little or extremely confident that they can safely text and drive, while another 50% claim it’s easy to do. Last year, 1.3 million accidents were a result of texting while driving. There are way too many risks that come along with it. According to Mary Madden and Amanda Lenhart (2009), “ forty percent of teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that had put themselves or others in danger ” Texting is one of the most distracting things that can be done while driving. When texting, most people have their eyes off the road for at least five seconds. So much can happen during those five seconds. A car or pedestrian can come out of nowhere, or a curve or bridge can appear. The roads are entirely too unpredictable for texting and driving. So many parents, sons, daughters, siblings, wives, husbands, and friends have been lost due to texting and driving. Even drivers who are paying attention have an increased chance of being in an accident because…show more content…
Liz Marks of Maryland was fortunate enough to walk away from a wreck in 2012. From the words of Liz (2014), “I ignored those warnings about texting and driving because everyone else was doing it, I thought it was okay, I thought I was invincible. But clearly, I was completely wrong.” Liz Marks was in a terrible accident in 2012 that was caused by looking at a text from her mom while driving. Although she lived, she’s now blind in one eye, she has lost her sense of smell, she can’t produce tears, and she can’t fall asleep naturally. Texting while driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents in America. Many people don’t care that they’re putting theirs and everyone else’s lives at risk. The statistics are straightforward, yet many still don’t listen. The dangers of texting and driving outweigh the benefits. The reply can always wait. Even though many attempts at ending texting while driving have been made, still people all over the country are doing it every single day. The only way to end it is for phones to automatically shut down while driving because people can easily get around everything else. No message is worth dying over. If a reply must be made, people can always pull over in order to save a life. Texting while driving has become somewhat of a trend to young individuals when they haven’t even been experienced drivers for very long. If a country-wide solution cannot be made, parents
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