The Cause of WWI was Imperialism Leading to a Bad Economy

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One of the main causes that started World War 1 was the fact of imperialism. The main cause was imperialism and not nationalism because the government was always unequal and always favored themselves. When the government did this, it would lead to a terrible economy, and be forced to trade with other surrounding countries. All of this created a big build up in war and tension between Europe and other surrounding nations. I believe that imperialism was the main cause of World War 1 because it is what made up all of the fighting and lead to a bad economy. Within Europe, imperialism occurred at the height of industrialization. (andrean6, 1) Many European countries were just finding out about the different sciences and the invention of mass production, which lead to wanting and needing more land. Germany and great Britain, 2 of the strongest countries that were trying to get control over Asia and Africa, these 2 countries were had a lot less power together. When two powerful countries try and conquer a smaller country, then this will cause trade tension and everyone will want to go there. All of this will build up in argument and the last resort is war. Imperialism led to the three other contributors to the war because without the tension created by imperialism, secret and special alliances would not be needed. Alliances like the Triple Alliance, which consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy that lasted until the start of the war, and the Three Emperors League, which involved Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Germany and created tension prior to the war, were created in case of war, which would not be an issue had there not been minor conflicts occurring all over the world. (andrean6, 1) Later England started to created ships ... ... middle of paper ... ...the Archduke by some word from the Serbian government, getting help from the government. Imperialism was a cause of WW1 because it developed the basis for tension to occur and after a continuous build-up of conflicts and frustrations; there was an outburst of war that was not only foreseeable, but also unstoppable. Different occurrences added to the pressure induced by the war, and led to the three other causes of war by means of threats, competition of power, and defense of nations. Imperialism made it possible for this conflict between countries to grow, and it stemmed from the industrialist movements attempting to expand and grow within countries, mainly in Europe. Although some may argue that the other three contributors were the main factors leading to WW1, none would have occurred without the introduction of imperialism to the world. (andrean6, 1)

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