The Cause of Deaths and Accidents: Drivers

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Everyday there are hundreds of deaths and accidents all around the world. Many of these deaths occur on one arena, an arena that slowly fuses itself into civilization, without anyone being the wiser. Every perpetrator bears the same label: a driver. However, they are all different people living different lives in different parts of the world. In an unusual world, like the one that humans live in, this “driver” becomes an integral part of society. Every road, if big enough, is packed with thousands of cars everyday. The cars are maneuvered by people as diverse as the colors of the rainbow. The first kind of driver that exists is the worker. The worker is the one who is up at the crack of dawn, embarking on the same trip every day with the same destination. The worker knows the layouts of the streets and all the signs that are posted throughout his journey. He knows exactly how long it takes him to arrive at his job. For this very reason, the worker is a steady driver, one who can be depended on to drive in the proper manner. Nonetheless, the worker is a human being, prone to mista...

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