The Cause Of Marriage And The Causes Of Divorce

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Marriage is the legal and sacred union of a man and woman who become recognized as husband and wife. They demonstrate their love and commitment publicly and the two become one. Husband and wife vow to love each other for better, worse, richer, poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do them part. Marriage is meant to last until death. Matrimony is not perfect, however that is the beauty of it. Nothing comes without conflict. It requires constant effort and hard work, but it is worth it. When a couple’s marriage becomes broken, instead of resolving the issues, they believe that the only solution is a divorce. There are several causes of divorce including the fact that couples’ get married at young ages, lack of communication, and difficulty with finances.
In today’s society, it takes a longer amount of time for children to mature. Mintz states:
Yes, it 's tougher to become - or to be - an adult today than it was half a century ago. Young people are embarrassed and anxious by their prolonged dependence on their parents, but they also hate the idea of a mortgage, a disgruntled spouse, never-ending debt, and a life that binds them to a boring job. Parents grumble about how long it takes their children to reach adulthood, complete their education, find a steady job, achieve financial
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Before a couple gets married, they have their own bills and personal spending habits. When they get married they must merge their finances together. Therefore, is it hard to save and account for money. Blame, panic, and possibly divorce are all affects of financial stress. If couples’ experience this, instead of taking responsibility, they blame each other. Additionally, they begin to panic. They will worry how to pay the bills and fear that everything they have will be taken away from them. Often, financial problems will lead to divorce simply because it is easier than to deal with their

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