The Catholic Faith and Its Postive Outlook Upon the Loss of One's Physical Presence on Earth

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The Catholic Faith and Its Postive Outlook Upon the Loss of One's Physical Presence on Earth

In the face of one of the biggest fears known to man-death-the Catholic faith provides a positive outlook upon the loss of ones physical presence on earth. Through the life and death of Jesus Christ (the hypostatic union of son and Father,) a Christocentric theology resolves the mystery of death through faith and grace. Gods only Sons death grants a Catholic Christian with an answer to the why of death, resulting in a realistic, yet hopeful attitude toward the loss of the physical being, while continuing to believe in the flourishing life of the spirit in a realm beyond our understanding.

Atheism has always questioned the essence of religion, as Freud once said, “Religion protects us from one another.” Atheist Burtrent Russell once stated that he “regarded faith as a disease bored of fear,” but in the face of these religious challenges one still will be faced with death, the ultimate mystery known to man, often finding themselves with question. It’s always easy for one to question that which is unknown, to prejudge that which evokes fear. Thus, in the event of death one will often find these questions directed toward God, the unknown, and in the face of pain and sorrow find faith to be a fruitless comfort.

Marcus Borg (theologian) attempts to examine Christ in order to discover the true essence of his faith through a historical interpretation of scripture. By doing so, one can discover the truth about his/her own faith, the reality of Christ’s humanity, and the truth that lies within humanity through imitatio dei.

The analysis of Borg's faith begins with the earliest concept of Christ as the Son of God, but...

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...ries of the woman, whose presence filtered every room, and whose soul touched the lives of so many.

And suddenly, amidst this loss that I felt so deep within my heart,

I began to realize that her life was truly just beginning, flourishing in a realm unlike our own.

I’ve come to realize that She has finally reclaimed her freedom, freed from the pain of a mortal body aged by time.

And, just like the Ever returning spring, she is faced with a rebirth of spirit that is beyond our understanding.

So, her light has not gone, for, it continues to shine upon us like the sun, blooming in every flower

Whispering in every gentle breeze

Growing in every blade of grass, and

Living in every tear that falls.

But most importantly, she continues to live within the hearts of those she loved, and She has, and forever will live through me....

Thank you and God Bless.
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