The Catholic Church Catechism On Homosexuality

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The Catholic Church catechism on homosexuality is usually misunderstood by individuals although it was officially explained in a Pastoral letter to Homosexuals that as published in 1986. The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith published this letter, and it is posted on the Catechism of Catholic Church. The misapprehension transpires due to the elucidation offered by the church statement in relation to homosexuality that states that the acts are fundamentally lawless. However, it is evident that the church’s apprehension is focused on the consensual proceedings and not mostly on a tendency, which does not indulge moral orders. According to the decision of the policies, there are no acts that can be described as morally correct or morally wrong. Classical morality is expressed in the principles, and it described the general behavior that is held deviant based on any moral norm. According to the Catholic Church, homosexuality is defined as a norm whereby individuals of the same sex indulge in sexual relations (Hilliard, 190). It is evident that sexual relationships are valid for individuals of the opposite sex and in this case, the church describes homosexuality as an objective disorder. The church acknowledges the dignity of all individuals and none of its doctrines characterizes and catalogues individuals according to their sexual course. The congregation for the Doctrine of Faith indicates that all individuals have a fundamental identity as God’s creatures and they are heirs of everlasting life. All human beings are worth before God (Jordan, 59). However, the affection that a human being has for others is God’s endowment, and it indicates the adherence of his law by all individuals not considering their sexual orientations. The... ... middle of paper ... ...y justify homosexuality by indicating that an estimate of ten percent of the world’s population is homosexual, and it is important to accept the conventional behavior (Yip, 50). In conclusion, it is evident that the Catholic Church Catechism indicates that the contemporary arguments about homosexuality tend to be substandard, and they put emphasis on the fact that the homosexual behavior is against the heavenly acceptable laws. The Catholic Church states that homosexual acts are a significant withdrawal of the tradition that pronounces the act fundamentally lawless. Homosexuality is the divergent of the ordinary laws since it does not entail of descent sexual aspects, making it to be rejected by the society. However, the church is lenient with the homosexuals since they state that these individuals are supposed to be respected by the community despite their behavior.
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