The Category Five Party

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The Category Five Party

As the last person yelled goodbye to me from the front of the house I could hear the door close with a slam, and the blue and black stained glass shake from the thrust of the door. Walking out of the kitchen with my boyfriend, who was holding my hand with a firm grip, we surveyed the massive amounts of beer cans, food and sticky used glasses half filled with unknown substances. The entire house was hot and humid, almost as if we were out side in the dead of Florida's summer. As I broke out into a cold dripping sweat, chills ran through my body thinking of how my parents could walk in the door at any moment. The lingering relaxation from there tropical vacation in Hawaii, would soon vanish when they find that their trust worthy daughter had thrown party despite their strict warning not to. I had never seen my house such a mess before, between the living room, kitchen and bathroom, it looked as if a category five hurricane swept threw these three rooms destroying every thing in its way.

With the first step we took out of the beige tiled kitchen into the pale yellow plush carpeted living room, something stuck to the bottom of my foot. Hesitant to move, I slowly hopped on one foot over to the smoke absorbed sofa, only to find a wad of light pink mushy gum stuck to the bottom of my course foot. With a swift flick of my head, I glanced over at the area I had stepped on and saw the light pink gum smashed into the carpet with a tint of black from the mud that was tracked into the house by the ridged indentions of soles from peoples shoes. Now with that incident out of the way I could only begin to imagine what else I was going to find. As I rose from the sofa, I could smell the stench of the cigarette smoke that had settled into the butter soft leather sofa. Filled with fear on how I was going to get the smell out, my boyfriend handed me a bonus size air freshener. After I sprayed it all over the sofa, the house quickly smelled of a fresh forest pine scent. That scent didn't last very long though. Faster then the air freshener deodorized the house, a dirty smell quickly swept through the house like a strong gust of wind.
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