The Categories Of Nonverbal And Non-Verbal Communication

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Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
The communication act between humans has and will continue to upgrade and evolve through time. In the past, individuals communicated with each other by grunting, roaring, or barking. However, through constant development, elaborate sets of both verbal and non-verbal communication have come up to express feelings as well as convey messages adequately.
Categories of verbal communication
Verbal communication is rooted in using language at both the spoken and written level. Spoken communication is either public or private and can include talking to oneself, to one person, or too many people such as groups. Private communication involves combining sounds into meaningful structures that formulate words and sentences that convey messages. Dyadic communication includes the exchange of meaning of meaning between to the receiver to the sender and involves the highest level of fidelity (Cooren, 2016). Face to face communication is the face to face verbal interaction between individuals for either social or personal reason. Telephonic
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Through changing the tone of voice, pitch, and volume, humans can transmit communication verbally. Nonverbal communication, on the other hand, involves facial expression, timing, body movement, touch, and gestures are done without uttering words or speaking. Nonverbal communication between people implies the use of kinesics and proxemics which take place between people set far from each other, as well as haptics which involves touch (Burgoon et al., 2016). Verbal communication unless they are through mobile phones, occur between people placed closer to each other. Finally, it is through body language that past experiences determine the intent of the surrounding and it is through it that most of the human communication can be collected to ensure authenticity and truth of the verbal
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