The Catcher in the Rye

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The Catcher in the Rye a novel written by J.D. Salinger, the book starts off by Holden Caulfield, main protagonist, talking about his experience alone the weekend before he went home. Holden struggles to fit in society, communicating with others but most of all he is struggling to find himself. Holden lurks for advice from different people in order to get some insight of their perspective. Even though Holden seems to be embracing the growing up mentality yet he wants to keep his innocence. Holden is quite an interesting character because his attitude toward life in general is very complex. He pretends to be an adult by drinking heavily, yet he complains like a child. You can clearly see the struggle Holden is going through in finding himself. Holden's thoughts aren't what the average sixteen year old boy thinks about. He describes death in a weird sense and he pretends to be injured often yet he hasn’t been in that position before. He is a bit violently and sexual for a kid. Holden feels misunderstood by others because the way they perceive him. In Holden’s mind he believes everyone is a phony, but he can't notice himself being a phony. He lies about his age to people and he tries to act like an adult. He tried to lose his virginity to a prostitute. He is not a straightforward person because he hides behind his lies. In other words, Holden wants to be an adult yet can’t face life or reality. Maybe the reason why he thinks everyone is a phony is because he is an even bigger phony he just feels better about him knowing that everyone’s a phony as well. Or maybe Holden doesn't realize himself as a phony cause he thinks something set him apart from all the other phonies that surrounds him. Holden perceives himself as a good guy wit... ... middle of paper ... ... fact he speak to a number of adults to answer his peculiar question and “touchy" topics. Most likely Holden’s parents are conservative folks that disapprove with Holden’s behavior. His parent weren't great at raising Holden because they weren't there for Holden's needs. All they did was send out Holden to a school for years rather than looking for a solution to his problem. Another observation, he doesn't want to go home after being kicked out of school, which is usually a place you want to go to because home is safe and comfortable but instead, brings Holden anxiety and distress. His trouble with his parents probably has to do with his younger brother's death, Allie. After Allie’s death, his parents probably put the rest aside to grieve his son’s death. The parents didn't realize that Holden was affected by Allie’s death and might of neglect him for years. `
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