The Catalysts of The French Revolution

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Nationalism creates a sense of identity among individuals and countries. As citizens unite with a common desire, the pride created can topple even the most controlling of regimes. During the French revolution in the late 1700’s, French nationalism rose to an all time high. Unfortunately the death and destruction was an irrefutable consequences. During the late 1700’s the biggest events that happen to allow the French revolution to build are the storming of Bastille, creation of the national assembly, execution of monarchy, and the reign of terror. The starting of the change in nationalism in France during the 1700’s was when the storming of the Bastille. During this event an angry mob surrounded the Bastille and told the guards inside to let down the bridges so they could destroy the prison. They got in and stole all the armor, weaponry, ammo, and released prisoners. This happened on July 14, 1789. Inside the prison they only found 7 political prisoners. “The Bastille symbolized the tyranny of the absolute monarchy in France,” (Beers. 1989, p. 31). This quotes tells us all the reason why the people stormed the Bastille on that July day. The people of France wanted a new monarchy or government cause the one that they had was doing an awful job by charging high taxes to the 3rd estate that couldn’t afford it and starting unnecessary wars with other countries. Also the king was spending ridiculous amounts for his own leisure, so they destroyed a symbolic building of their monarchy to show they wanted change and to fight against King Louie XIV. This was the reason why storming of the Bastille was one of the bigger events that started the change of nationalism and started the French revolution. The next big event that happened duri... ... middle of paper ... ... had many wars to fight which also boosts nationalism cause the nation was working together. In the end of the revolution these 4 events were the biggest ones that changed France and made it what it is today. They were also the biggest to produce more nationalism and created a better national identity. These 4 events were the storming of Bastille, The creation of the National assembly, the execution of the monarchy, and the reign of terror. All these were very significant events during the revolution to create that sense of nationalism. References Beers, Burton F. (1989). World History: Patterns of Civilization. Scarborough: Prentice Hall. Gardner, R., Hoogeven, M., McDevitt, D., Scully, A. (2008). Exploring Nationalism. McGraw-Hill Ryerson. Sexton, T. (2008). Associated Content. The French Revolution: The National Assembly. Yahoo contributor network.

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