The Cat Walk

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“Oh my God! It is awfully dark!” screamed Britney as she tried to quickly make her way through the incinerator. She felt a brisk chill on the back of her neck as she heard her predator drawing closer and closer. Her body quickly stopped as she slammed into the catwalk railing. Her heart was pounding and her feet staggered as she pulled her body up the 50 foot catwalk. The stairway started to sway as the person following walked onto the steps.
Britney kept running into cold metal as the catwalk twisted and turned around the building. She figured she must be getting near the stairs when she felt a violently stern hand grab her neck. The man had caught her and she lost her breath. Desperately screaming, he picked her up by her hair and her legs, and lifted her up over the railing. Britney tried to grab for anything as she fell. He heard her scream, then a blood curdling snap, and then silence
It is 9:45 a.m. when Anthony Streets arrived at the Glen Oak Recycling center. Police and forensics already made their way through the incinerator, checking the smoke stacks, burning pits, control rooms, and machinery for clues.
“Take a break, guys. Let me have a look around for awhile.” This was Anthony’s first case on his own, since his 15 year partner had died unexpectedly.
“Mr. Streets. The girl worked here on weekends. She was 26, from California. We already contacted the family. Three other people used their key cards yesterday; Betty Thompson, Chris Moore, and Devon Moore. All are on their way here. Betty Thompson and Chris Moore were on the time sheet to work yesterday.”
“Thank you Officer Becker. Now please ask your men to give me my space. Thank you.” Anthony examined the place of death first. It was obvious that Britney fell, by the way her neck was broken and by the way she was sprawled on the icy concrete floor. Blood was smeared, so he could tell the murderer touched the body to make sure she was dead, but there were no fingerprints found.
He then went to search the cat walk. As Anthony attempted to ascend the catwalk, he felt a cold hand touch his shoulder.
“Excuse me , are you a cop? The police department called me down here. What is going on?”
As Anthony caught his breath, he asked, “And you would be who?”
“The name is Moore.

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