The Cask of Amontillado

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In the Cask of Amontillado, the author's use of irony, foreshadowing and setting develops the steps of vengeance Montresor creates to obtain his ultimate revenge on Fortunato. Irony develops the false characteristics Montresor conveys to intentionally trick Fortunato into following through his premeditated plan of revenge and his lust of betrayal. Foreshadowing surmounts the ability to reveal exactly what the results are at the end of the story but demonstrated a coming of revenge in which many of Montresor's hints cover the coming of betrayal. The setting determined the state of Montresor's plan as it initiated and how all the other literary elements adjoined along the story until the resolution of the Cask of Amontillado. These elements played the essential role of deciphering the true conflict of this story.
Portraying the semblance of a caring aura, Montresor develops a character that is an aspect of his plan for taking on a vengeance against Fortunato. According to the sentence, "And I to your long life," reveals a verbal irony in the time that Montresor is sharing a drink with Fortunato. This situation calls for ironic statement because of the obvious reason of Montresor's plan toward revenge that will end Fortunato's only soul. As Montresor's quite genuine and nice to Fortunato, many of his core statements are satirical and very much the point of irony that does not yet unfold a meaning to Fortunato's mind. One might convey this as Montresor's aim or mission. The author conveys the ironic shifts in the story to build upon Montresor's characteristics and attitude toward Fortunato and the situations that follow through the journey in the catacombs. "And I to your long life," is a part of verbal irony due to the result...

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...the literary element's peaks as irony, foreshadowing and setting developed the steps of vengeance of Montresor toward Fortunato. The story features revenge and secret murder as a way to avoid using legal channels for retribution. Montresor confesses this story fifty years after its occurrence; such a significant passage of time between the events and the narration of the events makes the narrative all the more unreliable. These literary elements may be a counterpart in the discovery of the natural truth behind this theory of Fortunato's late soul. All in all, the elements of foreshadow and irony revealed the history and unveiled chemistry between the two characters as setting hinted the coming of something horrendous as a death of a human. These clues and analysis conclusions can only show us the matter of a premeditated revenge that resulted in an ultimate success.
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