The Case Of The Ban Against Smoking

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In the case of the “ban against smoking”, many ethics have been applied. First and foremost when the corporations advised, as I work for one of them, that we were to complete the survey about whether or not we were smokers well many people were very upset and of course as we all know here in this country everything is blamed on “Obamacare”. I, myself had already quit due to being type II diabetic, asthma from smoking that would actually turn in to emphazema, along with chronic sinus infections, one’s sense of smell, taste and even hearing is affected by smoking and those that begin to smoke without any research tend to not be educated about the physical harm cigarette smoking can do to the human body. With the government of India making their announcement as they were trying to curtail adolescents from purchasing or attempting to purchase cigarettes, in this attempt the ban was on television ads with tobacco products. The ethics concerning this decision came from the government’s moral policing in India, the ownership of deciding what was the leading cause of death of many humans in India was smoking to the ads needed to be taken off the air while the legislation was being dealt with, by the government and tobacco companies. The main ethical statement was “….which killed when used as the maker’s intended.” The ayes were from the study from the World Health Organization (WHO), as they seem to be holding over 3 million deaths in 1990 as being accountable to tobacco use. Tobacco use shows in many ways on humans, not only does it contribute to breathing problems but it also has its effects on one’s skin, teeth, and internal organs, along with one of the major causes of cancer. The main AYES, I want to say were for... ... middle of paper ... ...ban stated that someone cared, not that someone wanted to take away freedom, but to give freedom of living to the human life. Before I quit smoking I had said that when the pack went to $3.00 a pack, I would quit but I did not and I was so addicted to them and so used to having one in my had while I was out and about and when home would never smoke a full cigarette while cleaning, cooking or caring form my household. There are still the NAYS out in the world today however the cigarette companies still are selling cigarettes to youth, you have others that do not abide laws and they buy them for underage teens for their own personal reasons, but today the tobacco industry is actually not advertising the way they were however they are still in business, so it appears to me that the ban was good but the business is still alive and working well for the tobacco industry.
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