The Case Against Goldman Sachs and Fabrice Tourre

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In 2010, The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which was created in 1934 & which holds the primary responsibility for enforcing federal securities law and regulating the securities industry in America, charged Goldman-Sachs with the structuring & marketing of CDO’S that hinged on the performance of RMBS. The SEC alleged that Goldman & Fabrice Tourre a top executive at Goldman, had violated anti-fraud provisions by structuring & marketing these complex products, in particular failing to disclose essential information to investors. Some of the breaches included a failure to disclose the role Paulson & Co Inc. a major hedge fund played in the portfolio selection process and the fact that Paulson and Sachs had taken a short position against the CDO , essentially they believed that the value of the portfolio would go down. This was a clear conflict of interest as Paulson were allowed to choose the sub-prime mortgages to be thrown into the Abacus. Paulson had inside information and were able to bet against the RMBS to the detriment of Goldman’s clients. Clients & investors included ACA : a third party with experience analysing credit risk in RMBS, IKB : a commercial bank in Germany, who lost $150m in to the Abacus , ABN AMRO : one of the largest banks in Europe before it was acquired by RBS . These investors were provided with misleading information and were not notified of the fact that Goldman and Paulson Inc.; who was involved in the structuring of the security were betting against these securities and actually profited from them at the expense of Goldman’s clients . This behaviour was criminal and fraudulent, it showed clear conflicts of interest, a lack of duty of care for investors and mostly results in a lo... ... middle of paper ... ...ewed 8 March 2014. The Abacus SCDO explained: video Lasted Accessed 8th March 2014.$700m-bistro-bond-the-first-cdo/21102932.article . Accessed 12th March 2014. George Soros; CDOs And CDSs Must Be Regulated Because They Have No Social Benefit: . Accessed 12th March 2014. .Accessed 12th March 2014. Transcripts of thw white house report on the Volcker Rule . Accessed 11th March 2014.

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