The Caribbean

The Caribbean

Perhaps nowhere on earth is a more culturally varying region than in the Caribbean. The recent history has formed these islands into a confused, random area, hiding much of its people’s identity and heritage. Due to European Imperialism, extermination of aboriginal peoples, slavery, the plantation system, and the ethnic diversity of the inhabitants the Caribbean does not allow itself to be classified as one. In fact little can be grouped together. Sydney Mintz, Antonio Benitez-Rojo, and Michelle Cliff try to make sense of the combination and loss of culture as well as the reemergence of new ones. They do this from different perspectives, Rojo though the eyes of a Cuban and a literary critic, Mintz as a political scientist and Cliff as a Jamaican born and raised citizen.

Sydney Mintz and Antonio Benitez-Rojo argue a very similar viewpoint. When the Europeans arrived in the late fourteen hundreds they took control of the native population an either enslaved or exterminated them. Over the years the European countries have juggled ownership of the islands, shifting in...

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