The Career of an Architect

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Architects have been around for thousands of years, and continue to thrive today. People will always need buildings to live, work, shop and play in, causing architecture to become one of the fastest grossing careers in the United States. Being an architect is hard work. An architect needs a good education and a license to be taken seriously. Those things alone will take years to accomplish. Obtaining an education to become an architect is a lengthy process. A Masters of Architecture is required to enter the career field of an architect. At a good college, like Cornell, Yale, or Columbia University, it will costs about $26,252 a year to get an education. Although getting a Masters is very important, an architect will not be able to work with just a diploma. An aspiring architect has to have a license, to get that license, an architecture student has to train under a licensed architect and earn 700 internship units. Attaining internship units will usually take three years, since eight hours of training is equal to one unit. The next step to attaining a license would be to take the Architect Registration Exam (ARE). This exam has nine divisions that all have to be completed separately. One person gets three years to pass all nine divisions. So entirely, it will take about thirteen years to be able to start a career as an architect. Getting an education and license to become an architect is not easy, or cheap, but it is the most important step towards this career. One of the benefits of choosing a career in architecture is that there are plenty of employment opportunities for architects, not just in America, but all around the world. Today, there are 2,356,530 architectural careers in the America alone. There are many different archit... ... middle of paper ... ... team, and budget, to be able to be successful in your career. There is more to being an architect than most people know. If an aspiring architect decides not to pursue a career as an architect, there are other careers to go with. If a person is more into design, that person could be an interior designer. The person could also be a Civil Engineer, or a Logistics Manager. If someone likes the construction role of architecture, the career of a construction manager would be best for that person. There are many different careers that relate to architecture. There are a lot of factors that go into becoming a working architect. From education to attire, one is not more important than the other. Taking that first step towards a career is always the hardest, but it is in the right direction. No matter what career a person chooses, it should always suit the person’s values.

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