The Career Path At The National Association Black Accountants

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I come from a family of number crunchers. My father owned his business and as a Master Craftsman had to pay attention to detail, precision and accuracy. Two of my sisters are Mathematicians, my brother was a Civil Engineer and Drug Enforcement Administration Pilot. Another sister is a Project Manager and my younger sister is an Analyst for Charleston County 911 Service. Growing up I always wanted to work with numbers but accounting for me was a dream deferred. I had no mentor or role model who were in the accounting field to guide my career path. According to the National Association Black Accountants (NABA), In 1969, less than one per cent Certified Public Accountants in the United States were black. In that year, there were only 136 African-American CPAs out of a total of 100,000 in the United States. When selecting a career path at that time, I fell back on the limited career choices that were available to me, teaching and nursing. I selected the field of accounting with an emphasis in bookkeeping for self-improvement, to fulfill a long-time ambition, and a. second career. The field of accounting has always intrigued me. The capability of manipulating numbers, to problem solve and communicate those findings on paper seems like a stimulating career. Accounting requires the practitioner to be detail oriented at all times. Working with large numbers requires concentration and precision. There is no room for error. About five years ago, I worked for a non-profit organization as a part time Bookkeeper. Although my bookkeeping skills were limited, this opportunity provided me opened my eyes to the field of Accounting. While working as a Bookkeeper, I came to the realization that I needed to receive additional tra... ... middle of paper ... ...nefits and opportunities for those willing to work hard. The accounting field need to seek out advocates or mentors to provide assistance and development support to students who may be interested in accounting. Mentors can help students identifying their career path and career options. One day, I hope to become a mentor when I receive my credentials in bookkeeping to older students such as myself. I will need to take a few days after completing this course and reevaluate my options for the future, if I’m willing to “hang in there” to reach my goal of completing the Bookkeeping Certificate Program. I have to keep in mind that time is not on my side but if I continue and complete the Bookkeeping Certificate program. For students, who persevere, and complete the career path of accounting, the opportunities are endless and the rewards are worth the hard work. Links

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