The Career Of Video Game Design

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What if, in the future, I want to enter into the career of video game design, specifically programming? In that case, at some point, I will build a physics engine, and to do that, calculus is a must. Higher levels of calculus focus on vectors, which will help me produce objects that move correctly in a game. No one wants to play a game where you throw a ball forwards and then the ball goes backwards. Calculus can also determine the growth rate of something, how much material a building will require, and even the trajectory and velocity measurements required by space mission. In order to have enough experience to apply calculus to these real world problems, I must attend calculus classes at my college, which I currently am as Calculus II, and understand what is taught in the class. In order for me to succeed in a Calculus II class or in a field of work that requires advanced mathematics, experience with foundation level mathematics, the ability to seek assistance for problems so that I do not fall behind, and creative thinking in order to solve problems more efficiently and effectively become a necessity. Experience with the types of mathematics that precede Calculus II will allow me to advance in the class much more smoothly. Calculus I and Algebra are the foundation for Calculus II, and without a strong foundation, there would be nothing I could stand on. These supporting pillars include trigonometric identities, knowing how to derive and integrate functions, and how to simplify complex functions into ones that is easier to understand. An example of a problem that arises with a weak foundation might be a student who enters an Advanced Robotics class without having any previous experience with robotics and fails the class because... ... middle of paper ... ...ways to use existing formulas to do things such as, develop a physics engine for a game or create an algorithm that finds where a sequence of whole numbers exists in pi. Ten years from now, if a career involving calculus is what I elect to pursue, I will flash back on this period in my life as the time I realized how versatile calculus truly is and how I could seize full advantage of it. If I were to employ these techniques to my use of calculus, either in the classroom or in a career that requires it, my endeavors in those fields will come easier and be more successful, than if I allow myself to slack and don’t push myself to utilize them. I will also have a higher chance of enjoying myself in my chosen career and not even considering it work. I might even come to love calculus with the sheer amount that I will discover regarding it through those three techniques.
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