The Career Of Pipe Welding

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A welder fabricates, assembles, and deconstructs metal structures such as windmills, buildings, boats,etc. There are various types of equipment used in this profession that deconstruct and fabricates marvelous structures. Welders, welding rods, grinders, plasma cutters, shapers, and measuring tools all play a huge part in this hardworking profession. There are also multiple types of welding,(Arc welding, Electroslag welding, Flux-cored welding, Gas Metal Arc welding, Gas Tungsten-Arc welding, MIG welding, Plasma Arc welding, Shielded-Metal Arc welding, Submerged Arc welding, and TIG welding). Due to the certain type of work that welders do they the strength and skills to manage welding equipment. They also must be able to read and interpret…show more content…
Pipe welders are more skilled and trained to do their tedious job. Pipe welding is more difficult due to the shape and curvature of the metal. Pipe welders have a physically intensive job in which they perform a variety of tasks including assembling and installing pipes based on a blueprint and perfected especially to design. Pipe welders can work both indoors and outdoors depending on the specification of the company. One downfall to pipefitting is that you may work by contract which means that one the contract runs out you are out of a job. On the other hand the pay is greater and once creating a bond with one’s boss and supervisors they will keep you on board as a full-time…show more content…
More and more jobs open up by the day, salaries get higher and benefits get better. America has always taken care of its hardworking middle class who work long stressful hours to provide for themselves and their families. Welding is not only a great profession but a great trade to learn for oneself. What else could one ask for when he/she has a great stable job with great pay and benefits with zero to some training at all. Blue collar jobs are expected to skyrocket due to the new generation of millennials entering the

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