The Carb Lovers Diet: The Carb Lovers Diet

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The Carb Lovers Diet
The Carb Lovers Diet is told to make you get slimmer by eating carbs. But you have to eat the right carbohydrates, the resistant starch. Bread, cereal, pasta, bananas and potato chips are resistant starch. These carbs makes you feel fuller for a longer time which will make you eat less. Other carbs that are included in this die are lentils, garbanzo beans and brown rice. Those carbs does not get transformed into glucose. There have been studies that show that if you eat breakfast that includes these resistant starches, you will burn 25% more calories per day.

When on this diet you should stay away from refined carbs, like white pasta, white rice. What you should fill your plate with is instead a quarter of refined carbohydrates. You can also eat low fat dairy, lean meat, fruit and veggies. The first week you eat 1200 calories per day, and then you extend it to 1600 calories per day. To have a better and faster result of this diet is should be combined with cardio exercise.

The Authors
Ellen Kunes is a health and fitness expert. She was edit in chief at the magazine called Health. She has worked at The Opera Magazine Rebook, Seventeen and Cosmopolitan(Huffington Post).

Frances Largeman-Roth is a health expert and a best-selling author. She has worked as a health coach at Health Magazine, Discovery Health Channel and (Frances Largeman-Roth, Amazon). She has helped thousands of women lose weight by her nutrition guidance and great recipes. (Frances Largeman-Roth)

A day on the Carb Lovers Diet - Meals
During the first kick start week you should eliminate the resistant carbs to 4,8 grams and a total of 1200 kcal a day(Mizpah Matus). The following weeks on the carb lovers diet you should eat 1,600...

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...tes is below 4% daily.
Variety: This diet provides a good variety of foods. It tells you to have ¼ of your plate with resistant carbs. The rest of the plate should be filled with fruit, veggies, protein and fat free dairy. That leaves room for the individuals interpretation of how to put together a meal.(livestrong)
The authors of this diet, Ellen Kunes and Frances Lagerman-Roth, say that you can drop 6 lbs in 3 weeks (The Daily Reporter).
This diet is very inexpensive because you do not need any super products, only products that are included as a resistant starch. Bread, cereal, pasta, bananas are inexpensive foods. You could buy Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Roth’s book “Carb Lovers Diet – eat what you love, and get slim for life” . The book includes information about the diet combined with perfect and delicious recipes. The book costs $15,16 on Amazon.

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