The Capitalist Peace

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291 words

The Capitalist Peace has been analyzed by several popular figures such as Montesquieu, Adam Smith, Richard Cobden, Norman Angell, and Richard Rosecrance. Each of these individuals discussed that the power of the free markets hold potential for states to avoid the cycle of recurring warfare. The spirit of Capitalism supports the partnership with other states which invents rules that appeal in making war unwanted. The ability of trade and free market fulfill the human need for international competition without the need for physical force. Economic freedom produced the rising importance of commerce which has led to a profound change in the international sphere (Gartzke). Capitalist economies can produce the element of peace within at least three

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the capitalist peace supports the immoderate aspect of human nature which transforms the behavior of warlike citizens into peace-loving consumers, traders, and business people.
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