The Capital Punishment

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Argumentative Essay: The capital punishment
The capital punishment or the death penalty is an action known to mankind since the binging of human civilization. It was sanction and legal and existed over the centuries. However, the look of modern punishment or penalty, no longer takes into account the seriousness of the facts from the trial by the accused, but also the impact it would have on the society in general and the accused, in particular, with careful thought as to whether the judgment is just or not. Especially, since every judgment is issued on behalf of the public will happen in the claims of preforming justice. It truly became a controversial topic which a single family can be torn and divided among its members. Jurists and legislators, as well, differed about retaining the death penalty for quit some time, which we can see reflected on various countries of the world. Some countries retained it, while we find some others who abolished it for all crimes except for specific ones such as war crimes. Some others, on the other hand, have kept it. An example of this is Saudi Arabia which is where I come from. In this paper I will argue for the capital punishment based on where I come from. I will talk about the advantages of capital punishments and the regulations that should be taken into considerations with this penalty.
The death penalty forms protection, order and security in society. It may sound as a harsh and horrifying statement for some people. But the law should be strong and harsh sometimes to maintain order in the community. I am sure that some of us have had a small thought of killing someone they hate during an extreme rage even if it was in a fraction of a second. Some people convince themselves...

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.... The death penalty, either carried openly or obscured behind prison walls, meet the needs of an important community which cannot be bridged in other ways, it has to exist for the good of the community and to achieve justice to each and every person. Though, few rules should abide with this penalty to maintain it. We should limit it to specific crimes. And we should involve both families the victim’s and the oppressor’s in the process of decision making which will ensure their rights and make them feel heard , therefore, active in the society. And I understand that forgiveness is a virtue that we all should practice from time to time. Therefore we should help the families by assigning special therapists whom can solve their problems and persuade them to not choose the death penalty. We should not cancel the death penalty. It should exist as it was millenniums ago.

In this essay, the author

  • Argues for the capital punishment based on where they come from.
  • Opines that the death penalty forms protection, order, and security in society.
  • Opines that the death penalty ensures the right of the victims and their families.
  • Opines that capital punishment should be limited to specific cases like terrorism, serial killing, pedophilia, etc.
  • Opines that all family members have to agree on one decision. they suggest therapy and counselors for all the members where they can help them overcome their situation.
  • Concludes that the death penalty is a deterrent, because people fear death, in result, it can minimize and restrain crimes like terrorism.
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