The Canterbury Tales

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533 words

The Canterbury Tales

“The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales” were told during

a pilgrimage journey from London to the shrine of the martyr

St. Thomas a Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. This was

approximately 70 miles to the southeast. These Tales were

told by a group of 29 pilgrims, and a Host who met up with

them at the Tabard Inn. They left the Inn on the morning of

April, 11. The Nun’s Priest Tale was the first story

actually told, this was determined by whoever drew the

shortest straw. The pilgrim who told the best story would

win a free dinner, and the loser’s had to pay for his

dinner. Geoffrey Chaucer who was without a doubt the

greatest English poet of the Middle Ages, wrote this great

story “The Canterbury tales”. What makes this story so

memorable is the fact that Chaucer began writing “The

Canterbury Tales” in 1387, and had never finished , he wrote

on this story from the years 1387-1400, until he passed

away. But now that we’ve talked about chaucer and I have

gave you a little bit of background on The Prologue to The

Canterbury Tales, We are going to...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the canterbury tales were told during a pilgrimage journey from london to the shrine of the martyr st. thomasa becket at canterbury cathedral.
  • Explains that geoffrey chaucer, the greatest english poet of the middle ages, wrote "the canterbury tales" in 1387 and had never finished.
  • Introduces the miller, who was one of the 29 pilgrims on the religiousjourney. they will learn about his physical traits, his personality, and his professional trades.
  • Analyzes how the millers' beard was red, and his nose had a wart on the end, with red hairs protruding out ofit.
  • Explains that the millers' personality was distinct, it matched his physical traits almost exactly. the miller was veryboastful in his ways.
  • Explains that the miller was greedy and greedily — he would steal from the poor without even thinking twice. he also had a filthy mouth and told tavern stories.
  • Explains the greediness, dishonesty, and boastful nature of the miller and his professional trades.
  • Analyzes how the miller was skilled in cheating the scale, but overall he was good at his job, even though cheating his customers.
  • Describes the miller's boastful personality, his beard wasred, and his wart on the end of his nose. he was also a very dishonest and immoral person.
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