The Canadian Town of Cheltenham

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The Canadian Town of Cheltenham



Cheltenham is located in the town of Caledon. Cheltenham was found in

1822 by Charles Haines. Cheltenham is located close to the Credit River

and the Canadian National Railway known as the C.N.R. The absolute

location of Cheltenham is 43 45' North and 79 55' West. The setting of

Cheltenham is a valley with the Nigara Escarpment behind it. Cheltenham is

located at the south west point of Caledon. Cheltenham is located north of


Now in 1989 Cheltenham is mostly residential. There is some open

space but very little industry now. There is one general store located in

the centre of cheltenham. There is a cemetary located opposite of The Fire


Cheltenham was chosen as a town because of the Credit River and the

Canadian National Railway. The railway produced trasportation for goods to

be delivered to other cities. The cheap efficient rail transportation also

ment that Cheltenham's businesses had to compete against goods manufactured

by mass production in larger urban centers to the south. Therefore the

economy of Cheltenham would rise. The Credit River produce lots of Hydro

electric power for the people of Cheltenham.

The two main reasons why the site was chosen for a town was the

transportation produced by the C.N.R. and the hydro electric produced from

the Credit River.

Part B


The land use at the mill pond area between 1850-1870 in Cheltenham was

mostly industrial uses. Most of the industries or buildings were located

very close to each other because they all depended on each other. The

industries in Cheltenham were located close to the Credit river.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that tourists would stay so close to each other because that is where they would be staying.
  • Narrates how the shoes were fixed while the man could go to the store to get a drink.
  • Explains the main purpose of the mill pond was to act as a reservoir for the people.
  • Explains that cheltenham had a river so they built sawmills and flour and grist mills.
  • Explains that the cooper shop could get the wood from the shop.
  • Explains that the land at the mill pond is also very flat and wet.
  • Explains that if they were hot, they could jump into the river for a quick swim.
  • Explains that in the 1870's there was a railway.
  • Explains that they came to cheltenham to buy things or start a business of their own.
  • Narrates how they started a new life with country life and fresh air, but after several years, they resigned.
  • Opines that too far from the city, there is too much competition.
  • Opines that most people prefer to live in the city because they can get what ever they want, but if they move to the town, they won't have as much.
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