The Calm After the Storm - Original Writing

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The Calm After the Storm - Original Writing I don't know whether one could call my life a disaster, or a series of miracles. I have seen tragedies that you think only happen in newspapers or novels, yet I have also seen what comes out the other side and that it is way above average human morals. I am proud to have lived amongst such strong and determined individuals whom I hope will teach others to follow in their footsteps. Of all my childhood memories, one sticks out to have affected me most. I can remember the look of deep fear on my mother's weary face. I wanted to reach out and have her hold me close to her, but I knew that I was no safer with her than in the arms of Edith, my oldest sister under the dining room table. I could hear the huge rip and then crash of the monster waves beating against the side of our house. I had heard of the huge storms years ago before I was born, but they hadn't become real until now. Suddenly, there was the splintering smash of shattering glass and cold salt water hit me in the face. I was sick on Edith but she didn't have time to care as she ran frantically around the swamped house looking for something to barricade the broken windows with. I must have passed out after that because the next thing I remember is waking up alone in Uncle George's barn. I brushed the scratchy straw from my salty clothes while I could hear my baby sister Clara crying from the house. As I entered the cottage kitchen Aunt Francis had a bowel brimming with steaming porridge. So as to not offend her I gulped it down quickly while she gave Clara her bottle. I then asked her about the previous night. She explained to me how the waves had destroyed our home. Half the village was living in ruins now, all because a cement factory dredged our beach of all its shingle. I couldn't quite understand how this made the waves eat up our village
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