The Caller: A Short Story

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Hello led to a Big Mistake Hello, can I talk with deli, please? The answers was, “yes sure”, but she is not here right now, and do you want her personal number to call her? She said that yes, please. This yes change her life forever; if, she could stop that all her life would be different and better than today. I was a student in a high school. After two weeks one of my classmates asked me to take my math notes because I was a good student. Deli was the student who asked me to take my notes. I gave her the notes, and I gave her permission to take it, and she would return the notes next day. Deli gave me her home number; it was 0938. On Monday, Deli was absent. I was so worried about my notes because I had a quiz that week. When I came home; I called Deli’s number, but I called 0983. The boy told me that her sister not here, and he gave me her personal number that was around At 5pm, I called Delis’ phone number. I said, “Hello”, but the voice was the same boy who told me that his sister not here. I said that why you did that with me. He told me that he wanted to talk with me. I understood that in my religion and culture that was so an unacceptable, but I told him what you want from me, you did not even know me; then, I closed than phone without saying goodbye. Next day, the phone rang around 3:30 pm, and I usually came from school at that time. I answered the phone, but no one talked; then, I closed the phone. The phone rang again, and I answered the phone by saying “what”. The caller said,’ could I talk with you please, just one minute”. I did not like to reject him because he was so polite, but I screamed to him, ‘what do you want?”. He said that I could not stop thinking about your voice; you have a beautiful voice. I l... ... middle of paper ... ...nd because I gave him promise, and I know that my dad will kill him if he knows that about his friend. I told him that many times, if he is the only man in this world; he cannot earn or own me. In my senior year at university, I was so tired. Actually, I could not endure all theses in my life. I graduated with a bad GPA. I was so depressed, and my family noticed this changed, but it was so late. In any case, I decided to leave my city and my country to forget all these events in my life. Last day in my city, I took bouquet flower; I went to poor neighborhood where is the boy’s house is. I left the bouquet in his door, and I wrote a small note “goodbye forever”. Then, I took all my notes and my last phone, I threw all of them in the sea. Unfortunately, the evil person always can follow us even when we are far away from them because they are evil.
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