The Call of the Wild and To Kill a Mocking Bird

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In the books The Call of the Wild and To Kill a Mockingbird foreshadowing occurs a lot. The urges that Buck feels pulling him into the wild foreshadow his transformation into a wild creature, and the starving dogs who attack the team’s camp foreshadow the hunger that will afflict them during their ill-fated journey through the North. In To Kill a Mockingbird, foreshadowing occurs in many areas such as the Gothic elements of the novel (fire, mad dog) which build tension to Tom Robinson’s trial and death, and Bob Ewell’s threats and suspicious behavior after the trial foretelling his attack on the children. Another literary element both books retain are symbols. In Jack London’s novel, Buck’s dreams of the primitive man represent his connection with his past, ancestry, and of the man to dog relationship. The lone wolf is also a symbol, representing Buck’s wild counterpart showing who Buck always wanted to be. In Harper Lee’s book, the mockingbird is an important symbol, seeing that the title had “mockingbird” in it; they represent birds who only do good things for society, so hurting o...
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