The Call Of The Wild Analysis

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The Pearl was written by John Steinbeck, and the Call of the Wild was written by Jack London. The characters are Kino and Buck have similar personalities one human one dog how could it be possible to have the same personalities. How could two different writers have a dog and human have the same personalities. Both of them have this wild side to them Kino's has an angry side like when he punched the gate. Buck's wild side is because he is part wild because of his wild side the wild keeps calling him to come. Eventually both if their wild side brings them to ending that one wanted and one didn't. Kino has a good side when it comes to his family he will do anything for his family no matter the consequences he has been known to have a wild side that will just turn him to pure evil like when he punched the gate for his son when they would not allow his son to been seen by the doctor. “ Then, without warning, he struck the gate a crushing blow with his fist. He looked down in wonder at his split knuckles and at the blood that flowed down between his fingers.”(pg.7). I have picked this quote because it shows how kino will do anything for his family.…show more content…
This quote represents how kino will protect the pearl and family. The intruder tried looking for the pearl but it was hidden under the bed in a hole where it laid buried for a long time until it was time for them to run away from their
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