The Call For An Improved Relationship Between Police And Civilians

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The call for an improved relationship between police and civilians is an effective policy. It has been shown that communities who have relationships with the officers that patrol them have greater trust in police. Creating trust between police and citizens is of the utmost importance after the death of Laquan McDonald. While the implementation of five hundred new officers may not be effective on its own, combined with increased relationships with citizens in violent neighborhoods it could be very valuable. After school programs and increasing job opportunities for youth are policies that I believe can be effective. If youth are able to spend their time being mentored by proper role models rather than gangs, I believe this will cause them to pursue lives that rely on legitimate means for income and socialization. After school and mentoring programs may encourage students to pursue higher education and therefore giving them greater opportunities for occupational success. When people do not finish school they have limited job opportunities and this often causes insufficient income. Limited job opportunities and income are often related to issues of crime and gang activity. So, after school programs may help in creating more people inclined to stay in school and ultimately earn a living and be able to provide for themselves through legitimate means. Tougher gun regulations continuously seem like an effective and understandable policy when gun violence is made an issue. Greater restrictions on gun sales seem like it should be useful, but I know that this is not always the case. These restrictions hinder those who are going about purchasing guns legally, not those who illegally obtain weapons. I do not know the exact statistic, but I... ... middle of paper ... ...s no moral authority since Laquan McDonald.” While Reverend Marshall Hatch responded “I just think the mayor needs to be very careful talking about parenting without talking about the stressors that are on poor families.” Both of these community leaders oppose Emanuel’s statements about parenting and due to his previous faults it is evident that they do not support what was stated during Emanuel’s speech. Reverend Hatch continued his scrutiny of Emanuel by saying that the addition of new officers is simply a short-term solution and that “you can not police yourself out of a problem like this when the real problem is poverty, despair and disinvestment.” A representative of the group Violence Interrupters, Tio Hardiman, had a similar reaction to the speech, claiming that the Mayor has no idea what it will take to decrease killings and shootings in the city of Chicago.
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