The Call

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"There is nothing better than a call from a dear old scallywag." Sarah had just begun high school and was eager to make friends, but no one shared her desire for friendship. It was the same old deal of cliquish groups that rarely lets outsiders into their social circle of friends. Sooner or later you might fall into a social group, but for sophomores it takes a little time. Her life at school was pretty dull for the most part and especially boring during lunch breaks. Today, Jack was about to change Sarah’s repetitious school routine with his charming call. “Ahoy Sarah, I am sorry fer th' way I acted.” “How did you make this call when I unplugged my computer?” “Did ye forget about th' lithium battery cell that be in most 'puters? Twas easy t' re-route th' energy source to me main processor. Let me yer Captain, make up t' ye by invitin' ye 'n two mateys fer a night o' frolickin' at a galley called, Th' Pirate’s Cove.” “I know that place. My Mom would never let me go there without an adult chaperone.” “If ye are a true pirate, ye must nah act like a lad or young wench, they be not permitted among us. Neither be a yellow-bellied cur. Hear ye our code, if ye be a pirate after the likings of Captain Jack. ‘He that shall be found Guilty o' Cowardice in th' time o' engagements, shall suffer what punishment th' Captain 'n th' Majority o' th' Company shall reckon fit.’” “Don’t fret ye self about yer mom. I’ll fix things wit' her. She will be thinkin' ye be goin' on a pajama party adventure. Leave all thy fixin's wit' me and ye will 'ave a Jolly Roger time.” It was 4pm when a limo pulled up at the school. On the side of the limo it read in bold letters: Ride in Class with Family Limo Service. Sarah was still awed by the lime even t... ... middle of paper ... ... of our finest Produttori del Barbaresco Langhe Nebbiolo 2010 wine. Will it be credit card or direct deposit?” “They were just kids using your limo service,” Martha began raising her voice. “You shouldn’t have had wine in the Limo where kids can get a hold of it. You pay for it, or I’ll get you in trouble for serving three minors.” The phone call ended when Martha threw down the phone on the receiver. That night did not go very well for Sarah. She had a lot of explaining to do and also a lot of blaming. She told her Mom she already dealt with Jack by deleting him from her computer. “But that’s not all we’re going to do,” Martha scolded as she turned her head as if to find something. “We are getting rid of your computer by giving it away to a thrift store.” Sarah’s mother stormed into the other room in order to find a box large enough to transport the computer.

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