The Calgary Family Assessment Model

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Family Assessment The Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM) is a well-known comprehensive and multidimensional template used by nurses to assess families. CFAM begins by having the nurse visit with the family and gain insight on the family’s functioning at a particular point in time. Interviewing the family allows the nurse to assess and identify potential issues. Furthermore, the CFAM consists of three main assessment categories, known as structural, developmental, and functional. Each of these categories contains several subcategories that allow the nurse to examine all aspects of a family’s functioning. The goal of the CFAM is for the nurse to openly discuss family issues, provide insight to families from an outside perspective and guide them towards their own problem solving tactics. CFAM allows families and nurse to develop a plan of care that is mutually agreed upon. The following paper illustrates a family assessment completed using the CFAM and applies nursing diagnoses and interventions relevant to the family’s current issues (Wright & Leahey, 2013). Family Description The family discussed includes a father (M.M.) age 27, a mother (J.M.) age 25, and an infant son (J.L.M.) age four months. M.M. and J.M. are the biological parents of J.L.M. Mike and Jamie have been married for two years, never been married before, and do not have other children from previous relationships. Based on the information above, this family is considered a nuclear family. M.M. is a high school graduate and has a history of working labor intensive jobs. M.M. currently works full-time as a carpenter and commutes over an hour to the metropolitan area. J.M. recently obtained a Bachelor 's degree in Human Resource Management, however she has yet to fin... ... middle of paper ... ...n. However, M.M. display affection and love for one another it is very evident that J.M.’s role compliments each other 's weaknesses. Beliefs. The family belief system is spiritually although both M.M. and J.L.M. were members of religious organization as children. Although the family does not currently attend a church on a regular basis they did choose to have their son baptized. M.M. and J.L.M. expressed their families traditional values and morals have influence them to be open minded with liberal values, as they do not oppose to gay marriage and believe all individuals should be treated with respect and have equal rights and spiritual freedom. M.M. and J.M. expresses due to his upbringing he is very prideful, works hard, and does not believe in individuals living off welfare. The family identifies themselves as a combination of conservative and liberal.
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