The CSI Effect: The Main Objectives Of A Crime Scene Investigation

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Crime Scene Investigation or CSI has become a very popular topic thanks to the many movies or TV show in this subject. This is commonly known as the CSI Effect where people lost touch of the real work of CSI agents. In the TV show cases are usually solved in matter of hours to maybe days when in reality it can take months or years to solve a case. The main objectives of any crime scene investigator are to recognize, preserve, collect, interpret and reconstruct all the relevant physical evidence at a crime scene. This evidence is send to forensic laboratories to be examined and provide the investigator with information that may help solve the case. Later on this information can be used in court, for this reason it is critical that the investigator gather the evidence properly and legally.
Most police investigations begin at the scene of a crime with the first responders to the crime scene usually police officers, fire department personnel or the emergency medical personnel. Their actions of the first responders to the crime scene can help the investigation or can severely damage it. The first responder has to secure the area, assist any victim if any, arrest the suspects if any, detain all witnesses, protect the crime scene and provide information about all the movements or alteration made to the crime scene investigators or their supervisor. The crime scene should be secured by an officer designated to be the security officer. His or her duty is to be responsible for preventing unauthorized individual from entering the crime scene and to keep a record of all the personnel that enters or exits the crime scene. In addition to this there should be some kind of barrier such as rope, or yellow tape to let people know that an investiga...

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... not unusual for CSI agent or police officer to work overtime. This show may have a lot of the fantasy of Hollywood about CSI agents, but they show some truth. The work of an investigator should be done correctly and legally. Following all the step necessaries to collect evidence and used their experience and expertise to solve the case. Investigators need to be open mind individual well prepare and objective. Their only task should be the proper gathering of all the relevant information or facts at a crime scene. This line of work is not easy and not everyone can do it. Investigator will see what a man is cable to do to another man, from rapes to murders, suicides, work accident and many more gruesome scenes. This can have a profound in pact in the investigator so they must be ready physically and mentally to face the challenges of being a criminal investigator.
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