The CN Tower: A Feat Like No Other

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It could be argued that the greatest architectural structure ever created by Canadians is the CN Tower. Construction on the CN Tower first started on February 6, 1973 and finished on June 26, 1976. The CN Tower was considered to be a breakthrough when it was first created because it broke a record set previously. Once the CN Tower was complete it gained the title as the “world’s tallest free-standing structure” at 1815.4 feet. The creation of the CN Tower was a defining moment for Canada and still impacts Canadians today. One reason why the CN Tower was a defining moment is because it solved a communication problem that the city of Toronto was experiencing at that time. Another reason why the CN Tower is important is because it helps our economy by attracting many tourists every year. The most important reason why the CN Tower was a defining moment is because it gives Canadians a sense of inspiration and national pride.

During the 1960’s Toronto was in the midst of a building boom as many buildings were rising changing the city of Toronto’s skyline from one that was formed by short buildings into one filled with tall skyscrapers. This posed a challenge for the transmission towers that existed during this time period as they “were simply not high enough to broadcast over the new buildings” (CN Tower). Due to the creation of the new buildings, the signals emitted from the transmission towers were bouncing off the buildings and as a result people living within the area would receive inadequate television and radio quality. So, it was proposed that a new telecommunication tower would be created that would have signal receptors at extremely high vantage points on the top of the antenna at 1815.4 feet and at 1109...

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...tted greatly from the CN Tower from a social, economic, technological and political standpoint. The contributions made by the CN Tower are ones that should never be forgotten by Canadians and this is why people believe that the CN Tower is definitely one of the greatest engineering feats accomplished by Canadians.

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  • Explains that the cn tower was a defining moment for canada because of how it was an advancement for television tower technology.
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  • Explains that the cn tower is a symbol of inspiration for canadians and the rest of the world.
  • Explains beso, tracy, toronto attractions - cn tower.
  • Reports toronto's iconic cn tower celebrates its 35th birthday. updated news rss.
  • Opines that the cn tower's work schedule proves that it is historically significant and that canadians should take pride in the tower because of its amazing work ethic.
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