The Business Plan of Beyond The Fairway

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Management Team

Having the right mix of people as part of your management team can be critical to the overall success of a company. In the article Team Management it states, “success or failure is a result of whether people work together effectively as a team” (Davies, Margerison & McCann, 1998, p. 32). Therefore is essential that I have qualified employees as part of Beyond The Fairway management. The management team will consist of six fully qualified full time personnel. This will include: myself as owner and CEO, my eldest son as manager, one certified Professional Golf Association (PGA) golfing professional, and three qualified shop attendees who understand and loves the game of golf.

Physical Assets

In addition to the required financial asset needed for a startup business, Beyond The Fairway Golf Store have acquired the physical assets necessary to turn my business plan into a reality. The physical location for the store will be located in Enterprise, Alabama and is a family owned building with an estimated 1,800 to 2,000 square feet of interior space with adjacent warehouse for inventory storage valued at $1.5 million dollars. The company has on hand an inventory of major brand golf equipment valued at approximately $150,000 that will be displayed throughout the store. The store will host a full service repair and custom-fitting shop, which can accommodate up 6 customers at a time.

Financial Resources

Understanding that physical assets are quite different from money (Worth, 2014, p.341), the company has secured a majority of the financial resources needed to move forward in laying the foundation for a golf store in my hometown. At the moment, the company has three thirds of the start up capital and will require a sm...

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...hile seeking a relationship with Christ. As we work out our life plans, we must incorporate God into the planning process and seek His grace, wisdom, and direction in order to have an effective outcome. No matter what obstacle we encounter, we must always strive to move forward. The bible tells us in Proverbs 21:5, “Steady plodding brings prosperity, hasty speculation brings ruin”.

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