The Business Logic Of Sustainability Video By Ray Anderson

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The Business Logic of Sustainability video by Ray Anderson was exceptional. For so long businesses have been under a process that is describe as a take, make, waste system ("Interface," 2015). It is time for industries and company’s alike to make changes in their business practices so that the biosphere, industry and the firms are sustainable in the years to come. Sustainability is are the voluntary choices of meeting the needs of the current generation while not causing negative effects on the cohorts to come (Spector, 2013, p. 178). In fact, take a moment to think about what the environment and economy would look like if we used up all the resources. Would we continue to have the same products, or would life even continue to exist? This is why companies such as Interface have adapted their business practices to ensure sustainability and become more “green”. The following essay will discuss why Interface Corporation appears to be successful in their sustainability efforts, as well as, why they did right in the change efforts. To begin with, all organizations seek change usually do to a trigger event, which is a shift in the internal or external environment the sparks the need for change (Spector, 2013, p. 14). In Interfaces case, the inability to answer the questions arising from their customers about what they were doing for the environment necessitated the change. As a result, Mr. Anderson assembled a taskforce (Eco Green Team), comprised of several individuals, to dive into the environmental position In other words, he challenged the employees to diagnose the situation which helped spark the need to change (Spector, 2013, p. 185). In an opinioned view, the informal designed was changed first which is vital. For illustratio... ... middle of paper ... ...e of the reasons Interface was successful. These aspects include: developing the Eco Green Team, as a way to challenge and promote a shared diagnosis, looked at the supply change and set up expectations for what is required by them in order to conduct business, a clear purpose, Mission Zero, was conveyed, and comply instituted the triple bottom line approach without variances during challenging times. The essay also discussed the main component they got right, implementing the effective model, which was appropriately sequencing shared diagnosis, redesigning, helping, people change, and ending with system structures. The essay then transitioned to a discussion on if, from personal opinion, Interfaces progress will continue or not. It was decided that it would based on Mr. Andersons focus on developing future leaders, creating an emotional bond, and walking the walk.

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