The Bus, A Modern Panacea, Lester Detroit

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In the article The Bus, a Modern Panacea, Lester Detroit says that cars have become more of a problem than a solution. San Jose State University students are wasting their valuable time searching for a parking spot on streets and garages, instead of spending all that time on their studies. Furthermore, students who driving cars are creating environmental problems, traffic congestion, rising oil consumption, and carbon pollution. In this article, Detroit is encouraging SJSU students to drop their cars and start to get on VTA public transportation such as buses and light rails. Valley Transit Authority maintains 2,906 miles of routes in San Jose areas, and student who chose to ride with this network benefit from the many routes VTA provides. More than that, student who switch from driving to public transit can save more money, because SJSU provide free VTA ecopass. According to Eyedin Zonobi, the director of the SJSU Transportation Solutions Office reports that more than 60% of students stop driving to campus; and the number of students choosing to ride VTA has tripled. Moreover, people decide to switch to public transportation are actually reducing the oil consumption by 40%, decrease the amount of carbon dioxide by 20 pounds per day. In my opinion, I do not agree with Lester Detroit that public transportation is the solution for all the problem. As the bus system has many concern like safety, inconvenience, wasting time and health threats. Students who use public transit are facing safety issue seriously while walking to the bus stop, waiting and riding the bus. Waiting at the bus stop is not safe because students are risking themselves to unknown dangers while waiting. I remembered last two year while I was walking to my nearest ... ... middle of paper ... ...urn from blue to dark blue, some almost turn black. Whenever I sit down, I can actually feel the chill behind my back, but I had no choice but sitting, as long as my skin don’t contact with the seat directly. Beside the dirty seat, public transportation is lacking of personal space so it is great opportunity for disease to be spread. Students can be surrounded by ill people and it creates extreme health hazard. The current bus system is not a good solution for everything especially for students. Taking the bus is not safety but wasting time, inconvenience, and health threats. It is not convenience as much as car because of unreliable bus schedules, delay, and extremely health hazard. Until the day that authorities could provide a better improvement for public transport to protect customers, students should consider of different aspects before using public transports.

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