The Burden Of Being A Woman

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The burden of being a woman
Just a few lines to tell you that this article is all about myself - for no other purpose do I write. I make no apologies for being egotistical. This article is for the ladies, not to preach or to persuade but just a good old fashioned yarn.
To be a girl is a curse, deep within we all believe that. Living this lie of ‘’equality between the sexes’, the war is over ladies! we have lost. Now I could sit here all day and quote feminist woman and their rising actions, instead I’m going to tell you the truth. Do not dare preach what you do not practise. I myself have lived a life of rebelling against society and stand today independent of a man. ’Now in the 20th century what is it to be lady? To be a married? To be a mother? The societal expectations of women are still the same as they were in the 1900’s. To get married and have children, to stay at home and make jam whilst your husband is out working his fingers to the bone to provide for his near perfect home life. However you as that wife stir the jam, listen to the screams of your child and wonder what if. What if you had said no to marriage? What if you had a career, a brilliant career at that! Why are we still constantly raising girls to be conventional. Your only goal as a parent should be to give your children a past they do not have to recover from when they are old enough so why do we give them a baby and bottle to play with at the age of two, why must we as a whole be so misogynistic. Your children are going to look back upon you and your parenting and wish they had guidance and someone to push them through the barriers of modern society. Wake up Australia! Wake up women! You are all as bad as each other. For you to understand my views I feel as...

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...s the problem with today’s society, when people hear the word ‘feminist’ they think “a woman who wants everything” yet no that is not true, it is a woman’s right to have the choice of which part of everything they want. If you want children and love than be my guest, it is your choice. If you want a career and a name for yourself than be my guest. I am not here to tell you divorce your husbands and go at it alone, im saying its possible. This article is for the young girls at home, unaware of the future they can have, the changes they can make to society. I Miles Franklin have too often faced the music of life to the tune of hardship to waste time snivelling and gushing over fancies and dreams so in this article I declare a ‘’yarn’’ I give to you my truest beliefs, it is not my career to persuade women to think as a ‘’man’’ it is up to you if you follow what I say.
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