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The town has two options for the abandoned building. The first option is to turn the building into office space and the second is to make it a community center. When deciding which option to choose one must consider how the two proposals would accomplish these goals. The first option would be the best at achieving both of these goals. Most importantly, the conversion to office space would bring in revenue for the town. Secondly, bringing in more businesses to the town can give a boost to the economy. Lastly, using part of the space for organizations to benefit society would provide a more vibrate lifestyle for the citizens. The following paragraphs will address all three of these topics in more detail. The conversion of the abandoned building to office space would be much more lucrative than the community center. Generating revenue for the government would provide for more programs to be put into place in order to further the community’s welfare. Helping to ensure the monetary well being of the town will make sure that things such as the community center can be built in future projects. In addition, the revenue needed to balance the budget would be from private industry and not from the taxpayers allowing the town’s citizens to keep more of their paycheck. This would improve their take home pay and allow them to better take care of themselves and their families. Similar to the first point, the office space would attract businesses to set up shop in Surette. More companies means more job’s for the town’s people. For instance, wage growth occurs when job opportunities out grow the workforce. This results in a better quality of living due the potential for a higher average income for Surette’s residents. Consequently, when wages ... ... middle of paper ... ... a split between revenue and community activities. Secondly, the goal to improve the quality of life for residents is clearly met by the community center, but running the center would cost additional funds. On the other hand, the office space is able to strike a reasonable balance between both goals. Any good decision maker must consider all the options available and weigh the pros and cons. In the case of the abandoned building, the office space makes the most sense when looked at through rational decision-making model. In addition, creative idea generation and idea evaluation was able to help lead to the correct decision. Both the goal to balance the town’s budget and improve the quality of life is met through the effective use of the space. In the end, Surette will be better off for converting the abandoned building to office space instead of a community center.

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