The Brown Burro and Nature

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I breathed a sigh of relief finding everything in our camp as we had left it. Time seemed to have stood still in this part of the world; I felt as though we had been gone for ages when actually it was only three and a half days. I showered Frog with affection, and gave him the last of our cookies and chips. That night, Satan and Puss slept with me in my trailer. Frog kept me awake with his constant stomping and braying. Snow had fallen during our absence. Only patches of thin crust remained at Harry’s camp. The hills beyond were covered with a blanket of mushroom-like beauty glistening in the desert sun, which notwithstanding its angle in the sky, would wreak havoc with the snow before the day was done. I drove up the canyon in my Jeep with the thought of getting a better view, and doing some serious photography. I stopped and got out of my Jeep, then walked until I reached the side of a slope that afforded me an excellent view in which to use my camera. I observed large herds of wild burro on the distant slopes. I also noticed two large burros, one black and the other brown, en...

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