The Broken Evaluator: Chapter 1, The Depth of Darkness

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I am all around, but you cannot see me or hear me. If you’re lucky—or I guess with who I am—unlucky, there’s a slight possibility you may feel my presence, but only for those I choose. Contrary to human belief, I do not cause disease—the humans do a good job at that on their own—also, I cannot affect a person’s mind in order to cause their death—not that I would anyway. However, if I want to, I can take human form and kill them or persuade them, but as a result I also endanger myself—making myself mortal means I could die. We Evaluators feel it unnecessary to take someone’s life away by making ourselves mortal—an unnecessary risk.
While some Evaluators scavenge their respective area killing as many humans as they feel necessary, I like to take my area slowly—I find that killing every human in sight really quickly would eventually result in my boredom and that’s if people grow back. Well, who am I kidding? Of course, it’s not rare that humans will often travel or even stumble across the different areas of the Evaluators. I’ve heard stories of an Evaluator—I think by the name of Oliver—who had a human stumble into another Evaluator. Oliver negotiated with the other Evaluator explaining how he loved observing the stumbling human and had big plans for his death, the other Evaluator agreed to the negotiation, but Oliver had to give him three little boys.
Personally, I don’t know what I would do if a person in my sector crossed to another sector. I do love observing them and marking them off, but also I enjoy their personal lives. A man named Trevor has a family—his wife, Sarah, his son, Brad, and his daughter, Maria—they are one of the many families I have the capacity of observing. It amazed me how their lives were small, and yet, t...

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...s as the result of the actions of the Butterfly people, but nobody knows for sure. When something is wounded mortally, a conflict sparks between the Butterfly people and Evaluators but of course since they’re already close to death, usually death prevails, but it’s not ever guaranteed.
My favorite things to kill are the humans when they go into the Blossoming stage. They became so unpredictable and die in the most colorful of ways! The younglings don’t have enough blood, the blossomed ones are predictable and the elderly ones have already accepted death, but the teenagers throw themselves at death without realizing its potential which excites me so greatly that I lick my lips. Contraption crash, poison to the mind, homicide, disagreements, mechanics, and detesting nature are all reasons for Blossoming humans to kill each other—allowing us Evaluators to do our job.

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