The Bright Night

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Society changed the way of living during the “dark sky”- there isn’t many stars visible which make the sky look plain and dark. Society innovation of street lights has created light pollution which sets them in a jeopardy state. The article "Our Vanishing Night" by Verlyn Klinkenborg, the author explains what the society is doing that created light pollution; for it is now effecting their environment. Urban environments were able to see stars above in the sky many years ago. An excessive number of street lights, not properly covered exposing the light towards the sky, are surrounding their environment. Light pollution has resulted in negative effects for the society because their environment become a hazard to live in.

Light pollution is happening because streetlights are not completely facing downwards to the sky. When street lights expose light to the sky where it’s not needed ; the sky made modification. Half of the light from a street light is used correctly to make a clear view during the night. Most of the light from a streetlight that isn’t covered aren’t useful. In low-income communities it is a stereotype that there is a higher crime rate happening during the night. Then urban society decide to increase the number of street lights in their community believing it can decrease the crime rate; using the light to have a clear view of the events happening from dusk to dawn. “Ill designed lighting washes out the darkness of the night and radically alters the light levels- and light rhythms- to which many forms of life, including ourselves, have adapted.” (pg. 240) Klinkenborg is correct; they have made a new bright night which they adjust to live in. They feel as if this is a normal adapt, however it only made the environmen...

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...hanged the lives of many society and animal; it will continue to change for the worst unless modifications are done. A student that lives in the city and wants to pursue a career on Archaeoastronomy will have limited of colleges due to many urban cities having a sky with an orange haze that won't let the stars be visible to research.
Light pollution is happening because there unnecessary streetlight are being used in the night that aren’t properly covered. They have brighten up their night with artificial light that is being exposed with the sky. Light pollution has made tragic changes to humans and animals life. In order for light pollution to end people need to change the habits created during the night. Street lights can be exchange to face downward which won't expose the light to the sky. Low-income communities won't have to worry about risk of health issues.
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