The Breakfast Club

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The movie the Breakfast Club is based on a group of five teenagers who are serving Saturday school together for some bad behavior. Each of the children show up with a parent and they are telling the child how they feel about the situation, but the child never gets to respond to the situation. It is presented that the parents are all wrapped up in themselves and not their children or their well-being. The children arrive at the school and meet inside the library where they are to serve their time as punishment for their individual bad behaviors. The principle comes in and states the rules for the day and his attitude is not very appropriate for his position in the school. He talks to the students as if they are adults are not expected to go anywhere in their future lives. He is especially harsh toward Bender and does not try to hide his feelings. As the movie begins Claire is the first one shown being dropped off. Her dad tells her it’s for defectives but she isn’t defective for skipping school to go shopping. This is permissive parenting. She explains throughout the movie how her parents contradicts each other’s rules so she doesn’t have to follow any. She doesn’t know how to behave so she is a member of the popular crowd. She wears what they wear and she follows them in whatever they do. She also ignores people below her because the popular crowd doesn’t talk to non-popular kids at her school. She feels like her parents use her and she isn’t wanted. She tries to fit in because she wants a family who love her and have a standard. Clair is a sweet soul trying to get out, but her home situation does not allow for this to happen. She has to stay strong because of her parents. When Brian was being dropped off at school of the mornin... ... middle of paper ... ...eelings throughout the day they had spent together in the library. Brian’s essay reflects their feeling on the way they feel about their home and lives and the way they feel they fit in among the other students in their school. The essay was inspirational because it showed through the words each of the five student’s true feelings. They wanted it to be know they are people with true feelings and thoughts of their own they would like to express. They said they are more than a nerd, basket case, popular chick, athlete or a trouble maker. The essay Brian present for the group speaks loud for each of the students inside that library as well as all the other students in every school all around the world. This movie can help children all around relate to their current issues and situation and possible help them through a rough time in their lives as they are growing up.

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