The Brave Life of Adolf Hitler

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He wept for his country when they were defeated in World War I, and ever since then, he has been determined to restore his country to its rightful honor, great military, and outstanding economic power. This man’s name, is Adolf Hitler. He never let people get in his way when he was trying to achieve his goals for Germany. He also always went farther than his natural goals, gaining himself more and more respect from the people. Adolf Hitler deserves an honorary knight award, for he is brave, well respected, a natural born leader, very talented, and he has achieved many goals in life.

Adolf Hitler was really brave, he volunteered in World War I, took responsibility for all the deaths on June 1934 when he had nothing to do with the situation, and he thought suicide was the best way out. During World War I in 1914, Hitler volunteered in the German army. There he served for four years on the front line being a messenger. (Gale) Volunteering to be a messenger on the front line for four years is a key sign of bravery. Another thing he did started on one night in June of 1934. The Nazi party killed hundreds of people who held power in the country. Being the leader of the party at the time, Hitler took full responsibility, even though he didn’t have any part in the mass murder. (Gale) It takes a brave soul to take full responsibility, especially when you didn’t do anything. In addition, he made a life threatening decision. On April 30, 1945, he was held captive in his bunker by the Soviet army. That is where he and his mistress, Eva Braun, who he just married the day before, both made the decision that suicide would be better that the rest of their lifetime in captivity. (Modern Genocide) Suicide is hard to go through with, no wonder it ...

... middle of paper ... why Hitler deserves an honorary knight award, for Southeast knights, along with Hitler, show a strong sense of bravery, respect from many people, leadership in their community, many different talents, and a high achievement standard.

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