The Brain: The Existence Of The Brain

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One of the biggest arguments that comes up in philosophy of any type is the existence of souls. Many people do believe that they have a soul while others believe they do not, each having their own reasons why. One of these arguments for not having a soul is just by looking at the brain. This is where our Emotions, Personality and memories come from and are stored. By taking a deep look into the brain, one can conclude that souls do not actually exist. There are many reasons for why the Soul cannot exist in the brain. One of these reasons, for example, is any type of sense-altering drugs such as marijuana or alcohol. Those who believe in the soul think that it controls the brain and its processes. However, when smoking marijuana or drinking…show more content…
Our emotions are physical feelings. This can be seen because of things like diseases and other problems that can arise within the brain. Degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, comes with age. It affects the brain in a very negative way and causes things like memory loss, which can greatly affect a person’s life by changing their personality. “Degenerative diseases of the brain can erode personality, brain damage can cause sudden changes in character, tumors can alter our feelings and biochemical imbalances radically swing our moods.” (Crabtree, 2007) The only way that this can be possible is if emotions are physical which means there would be no need for a soul. If there was a soul, things that affect our brains such as surgery, damage, even diseases would have no effect on our emotions, personality, nor memories. However, it does which also proves the dismissal of a…show more content…
They would object the argument that a soul doesn’t exist by trying to show how will power can work when there are minor issues with a person’s personality. Take, for example, Rabbi Adam Jacobs, a writer for the Huffington post and Rabbi for the Aish Center in Manhattan. He believes in mind over matter and souls and gives his reasoning why through a quote by a Canadian Neurologist, Dr. Mario Beauregard, who states “Jeffrey Schwartz ... a UCLA neuropsychiatrist, treats obsessive-compulsive disorder — by getting patients to reprogram their brains. Evidence of the mind’s control over the brain is actually captured in these studies. There is such a thing as mind over matter…” (Jacobs) Jacobs also suggests that one of the reasons he believes in a soul because there is “an absence of any compelling alternative”. Many others might believe in souls because of religion. If a person is raised being taught something their entire life, which is how religions function, then they will go their whole life believing
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