The Brain Intiative

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The Brain Initiative is the revolutionary way of thinking about our brains. It is a design to help us better understand our brains. They are the most complex thing in the universe and responsible for every thought, action, and even emotions during a heartbreak. It is also responsible for simple automatic behaviors like breathing, walking, running, and jumping. We use animals to aid us in studying the brain because some animals contain only a few hundreds or thousands compared to our ten billion. This gives us the chance to study how the behavior of the whole brain relates to the entire individual working parts. President Barack Obama is 100% on board with the brain initiative. He says, “We can study galaxies light-years away, or even something as small as an atom, but we still do not know a lot about the three pounds of matter between our ears.” He believes The Brain Initiative is to get a dynamic picture of what is happening in the brain. This will help us comprehend how we think, how we learn, and how we remember. He goes on to say, “Until now we have only been able to see a static version of the brains, but the challenge is how do we go from static to dynamic?” Scientist Thomas Insel, William Newsome, Story Landis, Cornelia Bargmann, and Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel discuss The Brain Initiative with journalist Charlie Rose, and its place in contributing to our every day lives.
The scientists in charge of this initiative are very accomplished and reputable. Thomas Insel is a scientist of the National Institue of Mental Health. He has held talks about how devices such as computers or smartphones could be use to diagnosed and treat mental disorders. He also published a paper that was the first of its kind; offering the first pi...

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...h two kinds of therapy which where cognitive and antidepressant therapy. Kalen calls her study remarkable insight because these two populations are separated depending on the level of activity in the anterior insula. She was able to predict what kinds of treatment someone should receive based on brain imaging. The more we understand this circuitry, the more we understand ourselves.
This initiative is a wonderful idea and the commentary between Charlie Rose and the other scientist is extraordinary. Five the nations top minds working alongside of each other to reach a common goal to help those with disorders that cripple the way they live everyday. Just in an hour I know more about neuroscience and its importance in our near and far futures. The Brain Initiative is here for years to come and as a student of psychology I am excited for what will become of the project.
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