The Bowl Championship Series Equation

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The biggest topic around college football today is the very controversial and complicated Bowl Championship Series or B.C.S. Equations used in the Bowl Championship Series will determine teams fates throughout the entire 1998-99 college football season. Some people feel a playoff should be in order or college football should go back to its old Bowl Alliance system. To better understand this situation you must dig deep into what the Bowl Championship Series is and how the teams that will participate in it be determined. You need to find out what people effected by this situation think about the new system and how it could be made a whole lot better. The Bowl Championship Series is a series of systematic equations that will eventually add up to a number and determine what teams will play for the National Championship in the Fiesta Bowl (ABC Sports n.p.). The equations equal points which translates into a ranking. The ranking is determined by averaging teams rankings in the Associated Press Poll and the USA Today Coaches Poll and coming up with a number (Dufrense D1). That number is put aside for later addition. They next take the averages of the three computer polls: New York Times, Jeff Sagarin Poll, and the Seattle Times and average those rankings together (Dufrense D1). Now they take the strength of schedule into account. They take the teams rank from toughest schedule to weakest schedule (1-112) and divide it by 25 (Dufrense D1). They add all three numbers together to arrive at one number. Each loss counts as one point. Add the losses for the team to the previous number to finish this equation The lower the final number the higher you will be ranked in the Bowl Championship Series Poll (Dufrense D1). The Bowl ... ... middle of paper ... ...m into effect immediately. I have been pleading for a playoff system ever since I knew how the Bowl Alliance worked because it always seemed to be that my favorite team always got swindled out of a shot at the championship. A playoff really makes you beat the best to become the best! I also feel its better to have to win the National Championship by winning more than one postseason game compared to the way they have the one game postseason right now. I agree with the points made about how a team plays totally different in the postseason compared to the regular season. I’m interested to passionately watch how this Bowl Championship Series unfolds and if everything runs smoothly. I’m mildly interested in how long it is going to take the boneheads that run college to figure out that these bowl systems don’t work and the only answer would be to install a playoff.

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