The Boundary Between Invasion and Intervention

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Each country in the world, since gaining its recognised independence, has the universal right of sovereignty. However this term has had a misleading understanding of its meaning. According to the International Public Law, which is a worldwide document that stipulates general guidelines on how to manage international politics, sovereignty is known as the nature of an independent state with a supreme and unlimited power within its territorial boundaries, recognised by the International community, including the inviolability of the physical frontiers of a State (Reisman 1990). As circumstances change, so does sovereignty policies. The United States (UN) Charter (1946) states that a country has a recognised right of self determination and sovereignty; nonetheless, it also acknowledges that if international security is violated, other countries can take measures, such as violation of territorial integrity. Although, the sovereignty of countries is considered a extremely important right, it must be inalienable to a certain extent; other nations must be able to violate this right in certain situations, that might be considered of international concerning; for example, for humanitarian aid when a country is having internal issues, violation of human rights of civilian population and endangering world peace or neighbour countries. This essay will analyse the violation of territorial integrity and its potential consequences. As said before territory integrity is subject to change. One circumstance, in which the violation of sovereignty is permissible is humanitarian aid . As stated in the Geneva Convention (1949, p.65) a country “ must allow and facilitate rapid and unimpeded passage of humanitarian relief for civilians in need”. It enabl... ... middle of paper ... ...humanitarian aid, Pluto Press, London Reisman, WM 1990, ‘Sovereignty and human rights in contemporary international law’, The American Journal of international Law, vol. 84, no. 1 pp. 866-876, viewed 29 April 2014, . Sharp, WG 1993, ‘Protecting the avatars of international peace and security’, Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law, vol. 1, no. 1, viewed 29 April 2014, . United Nations 1946, Charter of the United Nations, viewed 29 April, 2014, United Nations 2014, Unanimously approved, security council resolution demands aid access in Syria, viewed 29 April 20114, .
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